Indoor Wall Climbing Plant

To create the most beautiful indoor garden, having a wall climbing plant is a must. There are many advantages of having indoor wall climbing plant. For example, you can use the indoor wall climbing plant as a part of decoration. Use a blank side of a wall and let them grown them and you will have your living wall in a matter of time. The indoor wall climbing plant are usually easy to take care of and they can be manipulated in the way or direction to grow to create interesting decoration.

Indoor Wall Climbing Plant

Wall Climbing Plant Indoor

First is the Photos plant also known as devil’s ivy, it’s a small and cute indoor wall climbing plant. This indoor wall climbing plant can be trained to grow. For the standard growing procedure, Stick a pole to the pot and let the plant grow while creeping on the pole. Add hook and nail on the wall to create a panel for the plant to grow. You can also hang the pot on the wall and use some stems so they grow steady. Photos can clear the room from toxin and purify the Oxygen.

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Indoor Wall Climbing Plant

The second one is Split-leaf philodendron plant. This small interior design ideas is a tropical plant that can grown into 70 feet high. On a home gardening basis it can grow into a whopping 15 feet in height. The plant is also known as Swiss cheese plant. This name derived from the plant’s foliage when the plant reach maturity.

The third indoor wall climbing plant is the wax plant. This indoor wall climbing plant is easy to grow and can be trained to climb the wall. The flower born from this plant can be seen blooming if you direct them to sunlight, it’s shy pink star shaped flower. Use loose stems and gardening wire to support the grows.

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